Our Wedding

10984059_10200152360167275_8861360194185534929_nAlthough I had seen weddings of cousins and friends this was still new to me. Our weddings are short and sweet with the whole process getting over in under 2 minutes if you timed it. But, this small tradition marks the beginning of a life long relationship between two people, two families and two family trees.

Our marriage was held at the Sree Pavithra Auditorium in Alathur at 11:30 AM on Sunday, 7th December, 2014.


We got engaged in the morning of July 5, 2014 at 10:55 AM.

We had a fun time together with me unable to understand the instruction in Malayalam completely. I waited for someone to translate it for me. Dhanya was the one who did that. I felt awkward touching her during the photoshoot. I’ve never been the subject of so much attention. But, that was to be only the beginning.